Coffee tips

Is it art, or science?

or perhaps a combination of both...

Here's our top coffee brewing tips for maximum coffee enjoyment.


    Store your coffee in a cool, dry place - not in the fridge or freezer. Make sure your container is airtight. The enemies of coffee are light, heat, moisture and oxygen!

    Whole bean or ground?

    If possible, use whole bean coffee rather than pre-ground.
    Coffee deteriorates much faster after grinding due to oxidation so the best coffee is always from freshly ground beans.
    Using beans at home also gives you control of the grind - fine for espresso machines, coarse for French press, etc.

    Use a good grinder

    A burr grinder is better than one with blades which will chop the beans instead of grinding them.
    Low speed grinding is best as a high speed grinder causes more heat through friction which can ruin your coffee.

    Use good fresh water

    If your tap water flavor is strong, or there's a bad smell to it, don't use it for coffee!
    Either get a water filter, or use bottled water instead.

    Brew temperature

    195-205 degrees fahrenheit is the optimal temperature for coffee brewing.
    Lower temperatures will result in loss of flavor and higher temperatures run the risk of burning the coffee.
    If you brew manually then let the water boil before turning off the heat and allowing it to rest for a minute. Then you can use it to piur over your coffee.
    The best option is to use a thermometer.

    Brew time

    Brew time depends on your method of extraction, but in all cases the length of time that water is in contact with the coffee will affect the flavor.
    For French press, 2-4 minutes is about right. Drip systems should take around 3-5 minutes to extract two cups of coffee. Espresso should be produced in around 20-30 seconds.
    You will need to experiment with your own equipment, coffee types, and preferred flavor until you get it just right.

    Enjoy immediately

    Above all else, your coffee should be brewed and enjoyed immediately!
    (However, if you have some left over then is should be frozen quickly in ice cube trays and then used to make iced coffee in the summer)

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