Waterproof Picnic Blanket

from Rigsby & Jones

Compact and Stylish

Your search for the best compact waterproof picnic blanket is now over.

When you buy from us today, this is what you can look forward to:

More time outdoors with your family! Our customers report a large increase in "Spur of the moment" picnics using our blanket.

Which is more important, Compactness, or Bulk? Our customers agree that smallest is the best. There really is no point in having a large blanket that soaks up moisture and is bulky to carry - because you won't use it! Our compact blanket is loved by our customers because they can GRAB it and GO.

You'll spend more time outdoors, away from home or the office, and your stress levels will drop. 100% enjoyment is guaranteed as you will relax, and have fun!

The biggest question you may be asking is - why does our compact picnic blanket work so effectively, where other blankets fail? It really is very simple... We asked families why they do not spend much time together outdoors, even though they want to?
Our research showed that the best "trips" were "unplanned"... The weather's good so you decide to spend the day at the park or beach? That's why we designed a blanket that is compact and always ready to go! We know there's safety concerns over PVC used in many products - so we ELIMINATED ALL PVC from our blanket, and instead used a top quality Waterproof Oxford material.

Perhaps this attention to customers needs is what separates us from all the other competitors!

Our customers get maximum enjoyment from their picnic blankets by keeping them in convenient places - so that they are always ready to grab and go: One in each car, one in the coat and shoe cupboard, and one in your picnic basket. DO NOT waste anymore valuable time that you can NEVER get back. Grab yourself a blanket now, and start enjoying your life outdoors!!

    Waterproof backing keeps your clothes dry and clean.

    One piece, single sheet design ensures no "slipping" between top and bottom.

    Opens up to 145cmx130cm.

    Fashionable stylish retro look with a Vintage Red Plaid Tartan design.

    Easily fits in your bag or basket, so you can take it anywhere

Want to get out more and love life outdoors with your family?

Get one of our picnic blankets from amazon, so when the sun shines you can just Grab And Go!

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