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We've made our compact picnic blanket available EXCLUSIVELY through
- because we trust them 100 percent!

We know that their delivery times, and customer service, are excellent - and amazon Prime members can get FREE shipping.

Read the five star reviews of our Picnic Blanket...

Very durable and so compact, expands for plenty of room!

Perfect size and perfect for kids!

This has such a great vintage style

Light, Easy to Carry Blanket, Love it!

A must have!

Easy to keep in a small space ready to go when the sun shines

This is fabulous!

Love this

Love this nice little handy waterproof picnic blanket

Compact folded size

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We spent a lot of time researching the perfect size for our waterproof picnic blanket.

Why? Because we needed it to be small enough to carry easily, and large enough when opened up to accomodate your picnic!

We think we got it right. A generous 145cmx130cm area that folds up into a compact package (with integral handle) so that you can just 'Grab and Go'.

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