Picnic Tips

The Art of a Great Picnic

and a great day out...

Here's our top tips for enjoying life outdoors.

    Keep it simple

    Planning is good... but sometimes it's better to just take advantage of some spare time and just go.
    A spur of the moment picnic, with snacks grabbed from the kitchen, can be a fantastic way to spend an hour or two with the family or friends - without the stress of planning.

    Create a picnic kit

    Get all the ingredients for a successful picnic together (blanket, plates, cups, flask, etc) and put them all together in one bag or box.
    Then, when the opportunity arises, you'll be able to grab the 'kit', add your fresh foods, and go.
    Maximum efficiency, minimum fuss, and more time enjoying yourself!

    Freeze picnic foods

    Next time you're baking, make some extra 'picnic foods' that will easily freeze.
    So next time you have a spur of the moment picnic, you can simply grab them form the freezer. By the time you're ready to eat they'll be good to go!

    Make it interesting

    Picnic food should be fun, and easy!
    Finger food is good. Too many boxes with salad etc takes up space. Instead, wrap ingredients (salads/cheeses) in flat breads so that they're ready to eat.

    Things to avoid

    Ice cream and sticky foods!
    They're to messy, they attract insects, and they're likely to get damaged in transit.

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